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Advan Analytical has been working very closely with our partners to achieve our vision. We have established collaboration with DKK-TOA Corp. , Bionics Instrument Co. and Pollution, Process & Monitoring (PPM). Indeed, we are proud to be their Appointed Sales and Service Agent for Singapore.

 DKK-TOA Corporation has been a global leader in analytical instrumentation and measurement technology. Instruments and systems made by the DKK-TOA set high quality and performance standards across a wide variety of fields.
Core products mainly retailed by AdvanAnalytical are Water Quality Analyzers used in major industries
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 Bionics Instrument is a manufacturer and supplier of gas detection systems and water analysers. The company has over 30 years of experience with the development and production of electrochemical sensors.
Core products retailed by AdvanAnalytical are gas detectors to determine gas leakage and safety of their clients' personnel.

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Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM) is a specialist company providing on-line analysers for waste water, raw water, treated and control applications.
Core products involves Online Total Organic Carbon analyzer (TOC) and Ammonia analyzer. These are fixed on-line analyzers for measurement of customer's water quality.

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