Privacy Notices

We respect your privacy and follow clear Privacy Rules while providing our services. Please read the following Rules before starting your work. The information you provide to access and use the service is available only to our company's staff. We may use your information only to provide you with our services.

We keep the privacy of your information and oblige not to provide it to third parties, excluding the following situations:

  • The customer expressed a wish to reveal the information on his own accord and explicitly;
  • By request of law-enforcement agencies and in accordance with all procedures stated by legislation;
  • The customer breaks the Terms of Use.

2.1. The Confidential Information Content

All information got from the site Visitor and/or Customer during his visit our site and using our service is considered confidential.

The confidential information includes:

  • E-mail address;
  • The service access password;
  • Cookie files;
  • Information on chosen services;
  • Information about time of our service using and IP address connected to our service.

We neither control nor keep records of your actions in Internet while providing VPN service.

We don't have information about your credit card or other financial information. All information about your payments is registered only on protected servers of e-payment systems.

2.2. About Files

'Cookies' are small text files downloaded on your computer to register the user's actions in Internet or for identification.

Our site uses Cookies only to identify you during your current interaction with the site. As soon as you complete your work with our site the files are deleted automatically on closing the browser and will not be used again.

2.3. Confidential Information Security

We take necessary steps to protect your confident information and prevent it from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, disclosure, defacement or deleting. Particularly, the information exchange with our site is carried out through the protected data transfer protocol.

The Customer, from his part, should take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to the confidential information. Don't give your confidential information in any other ways except for the special sections on our site. We never request on our own initiative any confidential information from the Customer by e-mail or by other ways.

2.4. Personal Information Adjustment And Registration Cancellation

The Customer has the right to change partly his personal information given before or cancel his personal account. Part of the changed information goes into the archive in the original form as it was before the changes. After the personal account is cancelled we have the right to keep the information received before in archive with the purpose of resolving possible conflicts and in view of technical and juridical requirements.

2.5. Customer's Age

We don't register children and non-adults as our customers. If you want your child to use our services you should register the user's account by yourself. It would be confirmation of your permission for the child to use the service and your responsibility for his actions according to the law.

2.6. The Privacy Rules Changes

We have a right to make any changes in the Privacy Rules anytime. Please verify the Privacy Rules content before each session of our services use to be sure that you have the latest information about our policy of the confidential information use. In the case of making significant changes in the Privacy Rules we oblige to notify the Customer by e-mail not later than 14 days before making the changes.

If the Customer decides reject the changed Rules he would find the instructions in the letter how to cancel the use of our service. If the Customer continues using the service it means he agrees with the changes made in the Privacy Rules.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.